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Bulk SMS Gateways can greatly improve the performance of business firms

A bulk SMS gateway program offers a range of invaluable benefits that help business enterprises to plan their growth as well as have an edge over the market competitors. The cost effectiveness and instant reliability of this communication service has already helped many business firms to promote their brand in all parts of the world. Using a Bulk SMS Gateway program to send bulk SMSs to mobile devices has the distinct advantage of addressing them to targeted customers and customizing the messages. A Bulk SMS Gateway Provider can also help an enterprise owner to make use of the messaging facilities and have better insight into the needs of the customers.


Here are some of the ways in which bulk SMS gateways can help business firms to improve their prospects.

Rapidity of sending and receiving business messages

The success of bulk SMS Gateways largely depend on their rapidity. Transactional and promotional bulk SMSs can be easily sent to customers instantly at any given point of time. This is something that is impossible to accomplish through other advertising means. Any company looking to reach out to thousands of prospective customers immediately should make use of a Bulk SMS Gateway Software as the facilities offered by such programs can greatly help in achieving such goals.

Bulk SMS Gateway campaigns accurately reach the targets

From the very beginning, there is hardly any confusion regarding the correct address as to where the message is supposed to go. A promotional bulk SMS application and enables business firms to send SMSs on permission-based protocols; this means that they never disturb the customers or make them uneasy. Customers who receive these bulk SMSs are open to such communications already and therefore they provide permissions to the service providers who offer such updates.

Assists in ensuring convenience for the customers

Customers are always happy and contented with the brands which can take care of their needs and provide them with value. The bulk SMS programs allow companies to always keep their customers updated with all the latest developments in the company as well as new offers and promotions. They also offer important information regarding the status of customer orders and product deliveries which in turn keep the customers contended. This naturally helps to ensure customer satisfaction which is always good for the business.


Low costs and high returns

The traditional modes of advertising mostly used in business are generally very costly. These include print, television and other modes of advertisements. Moreover, many of the modes are fast becoming outdated as new methods are coming in vogue. Messaging with the help of bulk SMS programs offer business firms with the much-needed advantage of saving on a lot of money while at the same time have the same kind of impact on the target customers. It is due to such reasons that using these programs have become very important nowadays. The latest bulk SMS applications come with a number of additional features that allow people to customize them according to their business needs.

Functionalities that should be present in a bulk SMS gateway application

A Bulk SMS gateway offers excellent avenues for integrating the SMS APIs with the system and application of a business firm. Web developers are often required to provide their websites and apps with the ability to send SMSs to an extensive base of customers for enhancing retention, interaction and sales. The functionality should be considered carefully since choosing an appropriate gateway can greatly help in ensuring long term success of a bulk SMS service.


Here are some of the functionalities that should be present in a bulk SMS gateway program:

  • A Bulk SMS Gateway provider should be able to present with multiple SMS API options that would help in easy identification and integration of the most beneficial application interface into the mobile and desktop platforms of the client company.
  • The Bulk SMS Gateway Software provider should provide with a robust application that offers automated alerts so that the users know when and how to set up the triggers that can be followed easily. These will help in automatically sending out reminders to the high valued customers and team members and also the employees.
  • With the assistance of an international promotional and business bulk SMS service provider, an enterprise will be definitely able to send out messages to all its customers, affiliates and suppliers all over the world. This is going to contribute in a major way in enhancing the working relationships and boost customer retention rates as well as help in easy scheduling of all business tasks.
  • Using Bulk SMS Gateways for sending out messages is quite a simple concept. Nevertheless, a bulk SMS services provider should also have the requisite infrastructure for directly receiving messages from the user base. By making use of a two way communication process and unique short codes, it is possible to open up an effective conversation easily between a brand and all of its valued customers.
  • For those companies that are looking for some advanced functionalities within these programs, they can look for email to SMS feature that is currently available in many of the Bulk SMS Gateway applications in the market. They also help users to send updates along with the reminders. Using these applications, companies can also send other types of messages directly to their email database customers.
  • It is possible to send highly personalized top priority messages by using these applications that will help a brand to send the right kind of information to a specific target at the right time. Since the web SMSs reach mobile devices quite easily, customers will always get these messages when they are supposed to. This is also referred to effective direct marketing.
  • It is necessary that a transactional bulk SMS application is always highly scalable and reliable. This means that it should be implemented by a company that has a solid reputation in the market and has the infrastructural ability to cover an extensive range SMS networks and additional support systems in all parts of the world.

Here’s what industry insiders say about SMPP SMS gateway

An SMPP SMS gateway is one of the most widely used SMS gateways in the world. It is often preferred by many business owners due to the distinct technical advantages that they provide. The distinct technical advantages offered by this gateway have naturally increased the demand for an SMPP Provider that can help business firms to send bulk quantities of SMS messages for their own requirements. The acronym SMPP actually stands for “Short Message Peer to Peer Protocol”. The SMPP SMS Gateway is used for sending and receiving messages to and from GSM, iDEN, UMTS, TDMA and CDMA cell phones. SMPP is a level-7 TCP/IP protocol and it is widely known for facilitating faster delivery of SMS messages.


By using the SMPP protocol for sending SMS messages instead of using a GSM modem, one can have the following advantages:

  • Since the SMPP messaging protocol is based on TCP/IP, there is no need for GSM hardware;
  • The users can send SMSs to only a simple short code, which is not possible while sending SMS to a standard GSM phone;
  • The SMPP messaging protocol provides with high throughput (up to around 200 messages per second);
  • It is also possible to assign an alphanumeric sender address with the SMPP messaging protocol

SMPP is extensively used by various business clients for connecting to a Short Message Service Centre or SMSC. In SMPP terms, a client is known as Extended Short Message Entity or ESME. The SMSC’s can even exchange data by using a reliable SMPP connection. The messages that are sent to the SMSC are known as Mobile Terminated or MT messages, since they are directly sent to the mobile phone. The messages that are received from the SMSC are known as Mobile Originated or MO messages as they originate from the sender’s mobile phone.

When an ESME chooses to establish a connection by using an SMPP SMS Gateway, it can be accomplished in three modes. These include the Transmitter, where the ESME entity can only submit the messages to a SMSC; the Receiver, where the ESME entity can only receive the messages or the delivery reports from a SMSC; and the Transceiver, where the EMSE entity can send as well as receive the messages to/from the SMSC.


There are a number of applications for which the SMPP SMS gateway solutions can be used:

  • For sending voicemail alerts to the mobile users;
  • To aid in information services, like sending traffic jam alerts, stock exchanges alerts or the weather forecasts;
  • For sending SMS notifications to the mobile users when the server is down; they can also be used for sending SMS messages that perform specific functions;
  • It can be used for sending MMS notifications, particularly when the users pay for Java applications and ringtones, the download location can be send by a WAP Push message or MMS notification;
  • It can be used for the purpose of voting and for processing votes from the mobile users;
  • For telemetry applications

15 tips to avoid failure in SMS gateway

An SMS marketing campaign is one of the best ways in which you can promote your business and take it to the next level. Here are some tips that will help you to avoid failures as you use an SMS gateway server service to take your business to the highest levels of success.


  • Make sure that you grow your company’s opt-in list with the help of proper consent methods. Do not send your SMS marketing campaigns to those who do not opt for it as that can only get you a bad press. To achieve the maximum success in your marketing campaigns, it is important that you are aware of the rules and regulations associated with SMS marketing.
  • Always make use of a simple and clear call to action (CTA) message to get users do what you want them to do. Stay away from any confusing messages as it will never help you to get the most from your SMS gateway.
  • Always stick to your company’s campaign strategy. This means that if you have settled for sending 2 messages in every week; make sure that it does not exceed that limit.
  • To make sure that the marketing campaign is able to produce the desired results, it is necessary to send the message at the best hours of the day. Since the time zones in different parts of the world vary, the marketing SMSs should be sent in the working hours of the day and not on improper hours.
  • The SMS campaigns should not contain bulky messages. They should be short, simple and to the point.
  • It is important to use the name of the brand and the product as much as possible since it encourages the prospective customer to take an interest in the business.
  • The SMS gateway solutions must be chosen wisely so that they provide sufficient flexibility in planning the marketing campaigns.
  • With SMS, a brand can gain extensive reach as well as build lasting relationships. Therefore it is necessary to come up with a highly effective strategy for building the database and optimizing a campaign in real-time through metrics.
  • While you will need to get yourself a reliable SMS gateway provider to ensure the maximum efficiency of your campaigns, you should avoid the whole DIY approach and hire the help of a professional SMS marketing expert who can help you to generate the maximum ROI.
  • Make sure that you are clear about the financial resources that you have before you start with an SMS campaign as this will help you to plan your actions in the best possible way.
  • Opt for an SMS gateway server that can deliver a large number of SMSs within a very short time. The server should also offer fast delivery services to ensure the success of your campaigns.
  • Avoid sending the same type of messages repeatedly as it only serves to put off your customers.
  • Make sure that your marketing content is unique enough so that it generates greater interest in your brand.
  • Plan your SMS content in such a way that you can say more by putting in less number of words. This never fails to garner the desired response from the customers.
  • Formulate your SMS content according to the individual desires and preferences of your target customers.

The problem with SMS aggregators

SMS aggregators offer the means for companies to connect to multiple operators, SMS hubs, SMS whole sellers and other SMS aggregators and deliver targeted SMSs to all existing and prospective clients. While these aggregators surely do play an important role in ensuring success for a marketing campaign, it is necessary to choose a reliable service provider without which the campaign would just fall flat on its face without producing the desired results. Poor quality SMS aggregator can lead to SMS delay and even non-delivery of the SMS messages. They can also provide with unreliable delivery reports. Such issues can lead to client dissatisfaction as well as drop in the SMS volume which can lead to reduced market profits and shares.


There are a number of problems that can emerge due to the use of poor quality server SMS gateway solutions. Some of them are discussed below in brief.

  • It is often difficult to achieve a routing module which can manage multiple Gateway connections while at the same time remain scalable and reliable enough for handling the ever increasing volumes of SMS messages.
  • An SMS gateway solution finding it difficult to handle high SMS Volume (TPM and/or TPS)
  • An efficient and experienced technical team, whether outsourced or in-house that can come up with a scalable platform having detailed controlling features set at the GUI level.
  • Poor quality SMS programs invariably giving rise to a time consuming process of identifying the gateway that is mainly causing the problems and the best corrective actions needed to rectify such issues.
  • The inability to immediately detect whether there are any issues with the services, unless a client reports about non delivery issues or other problems.
  • The lack of automation while dealing with the routing of gateways in the case of a downtime and other situation based scenarios, leading to loss of time in resolving issues and also needing to change the routing manually every time.
  • Absence of the necessary operation handling resources through the GUI is another major problem with program SMS gateway In most cases, it is necessary to access the Source Code which can be a major time consuming ordeal. The solutions are also delayed while dealing with a time critical environment.
  • The inability to monitor, track and control SMS Traffic resulting from the user, thereby getting them segregated according to various plans and eventually routing them through gateways.
  • Excessive involvement of the support team for handling downtime and resolving problems, thus increasing time and cost of human resource as well as losing valuable clients in the way.


To manage such difficulties, it is always necessary to get an SMS gateway program from the start that provides with good speed as well as Multiple Gateway Connections HTTP or SMPP. The program should also be able to autoroute the SMSs from the main gateway to another in case the former is experiencing downtime. The GUI of the program should also be enabled with features that offer the scope of fast handling of issues.

How to Choose SMS Gateway

As the numbers of people using mobile devices are increasing with every passing day, companies are making use of SMSs to promote their services and products and increase their sales. To make the most of any SMS marketing campaign, it is necessary to make use of an effective SMS gateway solution that allows in dispersing bulk SMSs within a short time. While there are plenty of SMS gateway providers in the market, the right solution expert can make a major difference in your business by providing you with the most effective solutions.


There are a number of factors that you should consider while choosing the Best SMS Gateway Provider for your business.

Firstly, you will need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the cost for every SMS?
  • Are there any monthly usage or minimum purchase requirements?
  • Are there any kinds of hidden costs involved?
  • How good and efficient is the network coverage of the SMS provider?
  • What is the network quality of the service provider?
  • What is the expiry date for the SMS packs?
  • What are the payment options that the SMS Gateway Provider accepts?
  • Is the API of the SMS gateway provider easy to use and well documented? Will the service provider offer any sample code?
  • Does the SMS application require a 2-way SMS messaging service?
  • Does the provider of SMS Gateway Solutions offer any free SMSs for testing?
  • How reliable is the customer support service of the SMS gateway provider?

The next thing that you will need to evaluate is the account management system of the SMS gateway provider. Most companies will provide you with a web-based system for managing your account. You can log in to your account and check the SMSs that are left for a current period and even buy new SMS messages or credits online. It is also necessary that the user interface of the account management system is intuitive, easy to use and fast. It should also provide users with these following important features.

Access via HTTPS protocol:

It is always good if your account management system is accessible through a HTTPS protocol. The HTTPS connection helps to make sure that all data transmitted between the computer and web server are encrypted and therefore secured.


Detailed reports:

The Mobile VAS Solution provider should also provide you with detailed reports of all the SMS messages that have been sent and received. Sometimes some programs do not immediately offer such reports but they are still available on request. You can ask for reports for any date or specific period ranges. The reports cover fields like the number of messages received or sent, the time and date of all the individual SMS messages, as well as the mobile phone number in which the SMS was sent to or received from. The reports can be downloaded in the form of CSV or MS Excel files. These reports eventually help the management to take important business decisions.

SMS Gateway Basics

SMS marketing campaigns have become a major trend among both startup companies and established business brands due to their affordability and the quick results they deliver. However, it is necessary to select a reliable SMS Gateway Software that can provide with the technical support required by a company to achieve success with its SMS marketing campaigns. Plenty of marketing attempts have failed to bear the positive results due to the failure of a company’s management team to select a software system that aptly matches their needs. So let’s have a look at some of the basic features of these Bulk SMS Server programs and see how they can aid in improving the business prospects of a company.


An SMS Gateway Server can serve as a specially designed converged delivery platform that can be used for sending all types of messages to target consumers in order to promote a business. These bulk SMS programs can be easily integrated to various platforms by using standard modules, protocols and an interface for control management that is central to the program. It helps in effectively managing all technological and business needs for a service provider. These programs come with a cohesive messaging suite that offers different types of technological solutions such as messaging router, messaging gateway, messaging controller, messaging hub, a two-way communication platform and a consent gateway. Such platforms are designed with the aim of offering corporate firms with the technological services that they need to carry out their promotional campaigns.

It is necessary that new tools and features be implemented within a platform so that they can work quickly and lead to the development of new revenue streams. The enterprise-grade SMS Gateway Solution systems offer robust and scalable features that can be easily integrated with the existing hardware of the company. These programs offer complete support for different types of communication protocols needed for various modes like SMS, USSD, MMS, e-mail and IVR over HTTP, HTTPs, SMTP, SMPP, XML, RTP, SIP, SIGTRAN, SS7 and SSL interfaces. The latest USSD Gateway Providers can come up with fast and secure messaging tools that can be used by aggregators and service providers for managing bulk messaging traffic requirements.


These programs come with an easy to use interface that can be further customized according to the individual needs of the business firms. Moreover, these programs also come at a cost effective price and allows a company to manage all of its resources and revenues in the most effective manner. Apart from making it easier for companies to manage all types of messaging operations, these programs can also offer services like routing and a dashboard for live traffic monitoring along with added benefits like exhaustive traffic analysis. The ability of these programs to work with multiple messaging channels like SMS, USSD, MMS, e-mail, IVR and eFax makes them extremely practical and beneficial for large scale business promotional campaigns. The rich features of these convergent platforms can allow business firms to enjoy greater ROI while saving on initial costs.